What is and how to play MTEK Exile Chernarus Zombies

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What is and how to play MTEK Exile Chernarus Zombies

Mensaje por Bagram el Jue Ene 19, 2017 9:38 pm

MTEK ExileZ is a custom server of the ExileZ mod of Arma III on the map Chernarus in the style of Arma II DayZ mod.

You'll find military bases and buildings added respecting the DayZ style, and lots of zombies !!! (Stroll around the Balota airport or find a horde in some parts of the map). In addition you can find loot, jump walls, climb to the roof (Mod Arma Enhanced Movement), make random missions, buy / sell traders and build your own base or that of your clan.

To connect to the server you need Arma III and the following mods:
• Weapon Enhanced Movement
• Ryan Zombies
• CUP Terrains - Maps
• CUP - Core
• Exile

We recommend that you download and install the A3Launcher utility (http://a3launcher.com/). Inside launcher look for "MTEK|ExileZombies Chernarus Custom" to connect you. The application will automatically download all the necessary mods to enter.

A greeting from the management team and enjoy the server !!!


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